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With a philosophy based on the development and manufacture of equipment for information and signaling, SHEMPO exerts a powerful processing power in this segment. With a vision for growth and constant technological advancement, its products translate into advantages for its customers, combining harmony, interactivity and profitability. Your goal is excellence of quality in all its products and services. With prominent presence in domestic and international markets, the SHEMPO presents much more than visual solutions, it provides trust, technology, compliance, sustainability and dedication to their customers. A truly successful partnership.
PMV-M 2800E
It employs OptoElectronic technology with RGY Clusters formed by “LEDs” (Light Emitting Diodes) in amber, red and green. Modular format with 32 rows and 56 columns, which enables the insertion of messages with a variety of character fonts and lines.
The Optoelectronic Thermometer Clock provides excellent day and night visibility. It uses state-of-the-art digital technology in its LED display and is known in its market for its low maintenance cost.

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